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Overstocks :

When a store purchases more than it can sell, and when this are unsold are become overstocks. In order to make room for next seasons , this products which are usually last seasons are sold at special prices. It is also merchandise a manufacturer (design house) produce more than it can sell. This products are sold ar special prices to move the inventory.

Shelf Pull :

Shelf are products that are pulled off the shelves and sold as closeouts or liquidations to reduce their stocks.


Closeouts are discontinued sizes, colors or styles that are no longer designer house current line of products. These then become clearance sales of items to zero inventory PararParallel Imports:


Parallel Imports:

Parallel imports are imports of authentic products from other country.
The official brand manufacturer’s home country or otherwise- that is outside the brand manufacturers authorized distribution channels. All products are genuine and not pirated. Thus, parallel imports are lower prices and we also source for the best wholesale prices.

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